Take a Hike!

Getting outdoors is a huge priority for our family!
We love to see God’s creation, to watch the changing forest floor, look for signs of wildlife or look for signs of human impact on the trail. Since we recently moved to North Carolina we have new trails to discover. We visited Lake Norman State Park in Troutman, NC. They have a lakeshore trail that has a 5 mile loop, which we still have not made the whole trail…the 2.5 mile trail is already about a 3 hour hike.
We are originally from Marysville, Ohio. And if you know anything about the terrain in that part of Ohio it is FLAT! In our new location there is very little flat. This trail is no exception, we are up and down, at the beach, in the trees, crossing footbridges and traversing steep drop-offs. I’ll share a few photos of the trail:

at the water's edge

at the water’s edge

hands in!

hands in!

This was also a great way to observe some things that we have been studying in our Botany lessons at home. We compared different types of bark and the purpose that they serve. We could see root structures of trees that tipped up out of the shore line, we could see lots of carved initials in the trunks as well!

bottoms up!

bottoms up!

We collected fallen leaves to take home and press and found many different types of mosses.
Nature affords so many lessons, tracks, trails, nests and holes are all tucked in and throughout. Each trip the kids discover something they have never seen before. Getting in touch with nature is like looking at the hand of God. His creative genes are passed down to us as well as we draw trees and flowers we are copying the master artist! I love walking with the kids, hearing a woodpecker and we all freeze to see if we can locate him, or listening to bird songs. It is always an adventure!

Next time we will take our nature journals! I am sure there will be plenty of undergrowth to observe now that spring has sprung here!


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